How to generate an Open AI API key?

  1. Visit the signup page on
  2. Enter an email address and click “Continue”.
  3. Enter a password and click “Continue”.
  4. Go to your email and click on the “Verify email address” button in the email your received.
  5. Enter the requested information and choose “Agree”.
  6. From the menu on the left select “API Keys”. (figure #1)
  7. Click on “Start Verification”, enter a mobile number and click “Send Code”.
  8. Check your phone and enter the code.
  9. Choose “Continue”.
  10. Click “Create secret key”.
  11. Copy the secret key and enter it under the ChatGPT/OpenAI tab on the AI Chatbot > Settings page.
  12. Click “Save Settings”.

Note: You will be given a $5 credit to try out the service. When you are ready to add credits, from the menu on the left select “Settings > Billing”.

Locate API Keys in the Menu

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