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FAQ posts provide a quick and easy way to answer your top questions. When you are using the basic chat feature, FAQ will be displayed

How to generate an Open AI API key?

Visit the signup page on Enter an email address and click “Continue”. Enter a password and click “Continue”. Go to your email and click

Change Log

1.0.11 Release Date: TBD TBD 1.0.10 Release Date: 3/11/2024 Tweaked the design of the live chat interface. Added support for basic live chat. 1.0.9 Release

Enabling Support Tickets

Install the free or premium version of Awesome Support to enable the option to generate support tickets. Tickets can be generated from chat sessions and when

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Ai Chatbot Easy Integration is owned and operated by AlumniOnline Web Services LLC a Limited Liability Corporation. AlumniOnline Web Services has been conducting business since

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Custom Webhook Calls

Our AI Chatbot can automate repetitive requests and allow agents to solve more complex customer problems. Let us know how we can help you to

Create a Watson Assistant Chatbot

Please refer to these detailed instructions to create a Watson Assistant Chatbot for your website. Go to Step 2:  Displaying the Chatbot on your

Help Center

Setting Up Your Chatbot Need help installing or customizing your chatbot, we are here to help! Basic Instructions: Install AI Chatbot Easy Integration Basic and

Coming Soon

AI Chatbot Easy Integration is in the final stages of development and will be available soon. Please check back on November 2, 2023.

AI Chatbot Easy Integration

Deploy an AI chatbot online in minutes using AI Chatbot Easy Integration and Watson Assistant or ChatGPT, no coding is required! Simply follow our step

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