AI Chatbot Easy Integration

Deploy an AI chatbot online in minutes using AI Chatbot Easy Integration and Watson Assistant or ChatGPT, no coding is required! Simply follow our step by step guidance and chatbot video tutorial to deploy an AI Chatbot in under 30 minutes.

Try AI Chatbot Easy Integration free for 14 days · No coding needed

Free Version

$ 0
  • Display chatbot on your website
  • Integrate with ChatGPT/OpenAI in minutes
  • Easy, seamless Watson Assistant Integration
  • View chat history from your website
  • Receive daily chat log emails
  • 7 days of chat log history

Full Version

Includes all the features of the free version and more.
$ 149
  • Live online chat
  • Receive offline messages
  • Unlimited support agents
  • Receive chat log emails throughout the day
  • Unlimited chat log history
  • Transfer chats between agents
  • Accept file attachments
  • Generate support tickets from chat sessions
  • SMS messaging using Twilio
  • Search your website or OpenAI for answers to questions


Explore the many ways that a Chatbot can speed communications with customers, boost productivity, and improve your bottom line.

Agent Assist

Service agents spend much of their time searching to find answers, increasing response time and frustrating customers. Our AI Chatbot can automate the repetitive requests and allow agents to solve more complex customer problems.

Artificial intelligence

Leverage generative AI capabilities in your virtual assistant using our AI Chatbot can be powered by IBM’s Industry leading Watson Assistant or the revolutionary ChatGPT/OpenAI API.

Easy Deployment

Deploy your chatbot online in minutes, following our step by step guidance. No coding is required!


Our full featured AI Chatbot includes everything you need to provide top notch customer care.

Live Online Chat

Our solution includes a full featured service agent chat feature. Allowing agents to communicate with website users using a dashboard right on your website. Features includes: offline messaging, file attachments, agent transfers, support tickets, quick reply messages and more. 

Chat GPT/OpenAI

Chat GPT, also known as OpenAI, has revolutionized chat with human-like text responses to user inputs in seconds. Try it for yourself! Simply click on the chat icon in the lower right hand corner.

Offline Messaging

Never miss a lead or chance to communicate with a customer. If an agent is not online agents can receive an email or text message or users can send an offline message.

Chat Logs / Reports

Every customer interaction with your chatbot is recorded for agents to review. Responses can be used to understand the needs of customers and to improve your chatbot’s performance. Reporting features allow you to see frequent topics to determine which topics your chatbot needs trained to answer. 

Support Tickets

Agents can quickly generate support tickets from any chat session to ensure issues are monitored and addressed.

Create Quick Reply Messages

Quick reply messages allow agents to create an unlimited number of custom replies. Allowing them to quickly respond to common questions.

Unlimited Support Agents

Unlike most comparable solutions we do not limit the number of support agents. With the right permissions, any WordPress user can use the live chat feature. 

Website Search

When our Chatbot doesn’t know how to answer a question, it can search your website for answers and provide suggestions. Built in WordPress search and Google search are supported.

Twilio/SMS Messaging

Leverage the power of Twilio to enable customers to communicate with you using SMS text messaging. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I respond to chats that are handled by my chatbot online?

Yes. A chatbot can transfer a chat to a human agent at anytime. If an agent is not online agents can receive an email or text message or users can send an offline message.

What languages does ChatBot support?

Our solution is built in English but supports WordPress Language translation features and is powered by Watson Assistant which includes multi-language support. Coding will be required. 

What happens after my trial ends?

You will loose access to the features that the pro plugin provides.

Can I use the chatbot on several websites?

The number of websites that you can deploy the chatbot on depends on the subscription plan that you choose. 

Is there any contract required?

No, there are no contracts or hidden fees. You can cancel anytime.

What happens if my subscription expires?

You will loose access to the features that the pro plugin provides.

Can I get a refund?

Since AI Chatbot Easy Integration Pro includes a 14 day free trial, we do not offer refunds. 

How long does it take to setup a chatbot online?

It depends how much customization is required but a basic, full functioning chatbot can be setup in under 30 minutes. 

Do I need to be a programmer to setup a chatbot online?

No coding is required to setup our chatbot. Simply create the necessary accounts, following our step by step instructions and enter the information on the settings page.

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