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Setting Up Your Chatbot

Basic Instructions:

  1. Install AI Chatbot Easy Integration Basic and Pro
  2. Determine the type of Chatbot you will be using. You may choose our basic chat feature or Watson Assistant. The basic chatbot can be setup in minutes and used on any website. It includes built in FAQs and will search your website for answers, if available, it will fallback to ChatGPT/OpenAI if it does not know how to answer or OpenAI can be set as the default response. ChatGPT requires the purchase of API credits. Watson Assistant involves more setup but provides a more complete chatbot experience. Watson Assistant includes a free version that will work for most users.
  3. If you will be using the basic chatbot, check the “Display basic chatbot on your website” option under the “Basic Chat” tab on the AI Chatbot > Settings page.
  4. Create any desired FAQ under the FAQ Post tab of the WordPress Dashbaord. Include the “most requested” tag to have them returned by the chatbot. All other FAQ will be displayed in the FAQ archive.
  5. If you will be using ChatGPT/OpenAI, create an OpenAI API account, generate an API key and enter the API key under the “ChatGPT/OpenAI” AI Chatbot > Settings page.
  6. Skip to step 11 below if you are not using Watson Assistant.
  7. If you haven’t already done so, create a Watson Assistant Chatbot.
  8. Enter your Watson Assistant embed code on the AI Chatbot > Settings page.
  9. Copy your Webhook URL provided on the AI Chatbot > Settings page and configure the pre-message webhook on the IBM Watson Assistant website.
  10. Enable the “Display Watson Assistant Chatbot on public website.” option under the “IBM Watson Assistant” tab on the AI Chatbot > Settings page.
  11. Enter an email address to receive chat reports on the AI Chatbot > Settings page.
  12. Go to your website to see how it will look to the public.
  13. Pro Feature Instructions:

    Set the desired chat log email and purge frequency settings on the AI Chatbot > Settings page.

    Set a default wait time, initial greeting and create custom replys under the “Live Chat” tab on the settings page.

    If not populated automatically, enter your Watson Assistant integrationID, region and serviceInstantID in the correct fields on this page. These values can be found in the embed code.

    Under the “Offline messages” tab, enter an email address to receive offline email messages.

    If you will be using ChatGPT / Open AI, configure the settings under the “ChatGPT/Open AI (PRO Features)” tab on this page.

    Enable the settings for the desired website search (Google or WordPress Default Search):

    Other than enabling the option, no additional setup is required to use the default WordPress search engine.

    If desired, configure the chatbot to use the Google Search API.

    Download the AI Chatbot Customer Service Skill provided on the settings page and install it in your Watson Assistant Instance.

    Setup support for SMS Messaging using Twilio (Optional).

    Install the free or premium Awesome Support plugin to enable the option to generate support tickets. 

    Refer to these tips on how to use the Live Chat features.

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