Using the Chat Log and Live Chat Features

AI Chatbot Easy Integration records and displays chatbot message history. If you elect to upgrade to the pro version a Live Chat option will be added.

The following sections outline how these features are used.

Chat Log

  1. From your WordPress dashboard, select AI Chatbot > Chat Log.
  2. A list of recent chat sessions is displayed. (figure 1)
  3. Choose “View Chat Transcript” for any session to see the message history.
  4. Chat log history is automatically purged every seven days in the basic version or at the interval you have selected for pro version users. The “Clear Log” button allows you to clear the chat log at anytime.

Live Chat

  1. Live chat is found on the AI Chatbot > Chat Log page. (figure 1)
  2. Before using the live chat feature, click on the red “Notifications – Disabled” button to enable notifications when a new chat request is received. (figure 1)
  3. Choose “Show Chat Window” to open the Live Chat window. (figure 1)
  4. Choose “Go Online” to start receiving chat requests. (figure 2)
  5. When a chat request is received it will be assigned to the first available chat representative. If more than one agent is online, the next chat session is assigned to the next available agent. If all agents are assisting customers agents will receive a notice that a new chat request is waiting.
  6. Agents may accept multiple chats by clicking on the “Accept Chat” button next to the incoming chat request in the “Other Chat Sessions” window. (figure 2)
  7. When a chat is assigned to an agent the “Current Chat Session” window will update. Multiple chat sessions can be accessed using the Chat tabs in the “Other Chat Sessions” window. (figure 3)
  8. If desired, the customer name, email address and agent notes can be added.(figure 2)
  9. The “Chat History” window will update as the chat session progresses.(figure 2)
  10. Agents can use the “Send Chat Message” field to send a reply. (figure 2)
  11. At anytime the chat may be ended by clicking on the “End Chat” button. (figure 2)

Figure 1: Chat Log

chat log

Figure 2: Live Chat

Live Chat

Figure 3: Multiple Chat Sessions

Multiple Chat Sessions

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