Custom Webhook Calls

Our AI Chatbot can automate repetitive requests and allow agents to solve more complex customer problems. Let us know how we can help you to automate your processes.

AI Chatbot Easy Integration supports custom webhook calls from your Watson Assistant Instance. To use this feature add a function to your functions.php file to hook into “ai_chatbot_easy_integration_custom_calls”.

Your function will receive 3 parameters ($response, $calltype, and $body).

calltype includes a value that is passed from Watson Assistant and is used to determine what backend process to run.

Your function will check for a match to calltype and then run a backend process that produces a response which is returned.

If only using your bot for webchat the response can include plain text or html. If you are sending it through SMS it should be plain text.

An example is provided below: 


function my_custom_calls($response, $calltype, $body){

// handle test options
if(isset($calltype) and $calltype == "somecustomcalltype")  {

// do something that creates a response, such as query data from a backend system
$response = 'This is my response.';


return $response;
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